Why Work with WCF

You want to make the most of your investment for your community, and we want to help you.

For over 45 years, we have partnered with attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, trust officers, insurance agents, and our own professional grantmaking staff to carry out clients’ charitable goals. 


Personalized Advice

We understand that philanthropy is personal, and that one size does not fit all, whether it comes to giving structures or giving goals. We provide many different types of funds and will work with you to customize plans tailored for each individual donor and fund.

Giving Made Easy

When your clients set up a fund with us, it lets them focus on their giving. We take care of the administrative work, including investments, compliance with laws and IRS regulations, annual tax reporting, and due diligence about the organizations they want to support. Once a fund is established, we will provide easy instructions on how to use their fund.

Financially Smart

Because we are a division of the New York Community Trust, we benefit from their experienced and dedicated Investment Committee, which helps our donors increase charitable assets while preserving capital.


Donors can contribute a variety of assets to their fund, including cash, stock, life insurance, real estate, and more. Since the Westchester Community Foundation is a public charity itself, donors receive the maximum charitable tax deduction for their gift to a fund. Additionally, if you donate stock with long-term capital gains, you receive the deduction for the market value of the stock, not just basis, or the amount you paid for the stock. We invite you to learn more on how we invest.


Wise Alternative

To a Private Foundation

Donors who have private foundations, or are considering one, find that by working with the Westchester Community Foundation, they can make a difference with far fewer headaches. Instead of worrying about succession, replacing trustees, hiring staff, children losing interest, or disagreement within the family, our WCF donors can focus solely on the work they love—grantmaking!


To a Commercial Gift Fund

The Westchester Community Foundation prides itself in providing high-touch service to our donors. We share our unique and in-depth understanding of local community needs and the nonprofits addressing them with our donors. Our staff can help your clients’ giving be more effective and make a greater impact in their local communities as well as the region.