Identifying the social determinants of health

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Using data to understand community

Health equity begins with a firm understanding of the geographic differences in which people are born, grow and live, work, and age.


These differences affect an individual's quality of life, because where a person lives determines their access to education, employment, health care, mental health services, housing, transportation, and community-based resources.


The Westchester Index captures many of these socioeconomic factors, known as social determinants of health. The data will allow users to monitor the community’s well-being over time and visualize whether it is improving, declining or staying the same. Armed with this information, users can identify communities with increased socioeconomic burden, gaps in health services, health risks, and barriers to land and transportation access. They can target resources to where they are needed most, address emerging challenges, and set priorities.


Westchester Community Foundation partnered with the Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS) and Westchester County GIS to develop this map. The Index includes more than 200 indicators and is searchable by ZIP Code, census tract and block, school district, municipality, County Legislative district, New York State Senate and Assembly district, and U.S. Congressional district.


We are excited to present The Westchester Index, and hope that you will use the information to make our communities stronger and better.


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