A More Equal Commute


In Westchester County, many residents rely heavily on cars to get around. But many more rely on public transit to get to work, school, and quality health care. According to the Westchester County Department of Transportation, the Bee-Line bus system serves over 27 million passengers annually.


People need accessible, reliable, and efficient public transportation. Transportation advocates know that evaluating patterns of access by public transit can help communities achieve equity in transportation planning. The interactive mapping tool below, prepared by Conveyal, a transportation consulting and software firm, enables users to explore areas reachable by public transit from various locations in Westchester at peak and off-peak travel times.

Putting equity at the heart of transportation planning benefits our entire community. Public transit options, in particular, are vital to people with low incomes and people without cars. Westchester County must ensure that the experiences of people relying on public transit are included in transit planning.


We invite you to explore the map below. 


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Lack of access hinders everyone


The Foundation has commissioned a technical report from Conveyal that examines door-to-door travel times for job seekers in specific labor sectors such as healthcare. The report concludes that both employers and job seekers are hindered by the lack of transit options, particularly at off-peak hours, where the average commute times can be twice as long as for those workers with cars.  This lack of access has a negative effect on access to opportunity and the regional economy.