Bikes vs Cars: Who wins?

Community Matters

Sunday, June 5, 12 noon

Jacob Burns Film Center

The next film in our Community Matters series is Bikes vs Cars, a look at the bicycle, an amazing tool for change. Activists and cities all over the world are moving toward a new system. But will the economic powers allow it? Bikes vs Cars looks into and investigates the daily global drama in traffic around the world.

Bikes vs Cars looks at the struggle for bicyclists in a society dominated by cars, and the enormous changes that could take place if more cities moved away from car-centric models. Our cities and towns are becoming an ever-growing, dirty, noisy traffic chaos. The bicycle is a great tool for change, but safety concerns and the powerful interests of automakers and the oil and construction industries have kept us dependent on cars. Traveling from São Paulo to Los Angeles, Toronto, and Copenhagen, Bikes vs Cars introduces viewers to activists and thinkers fighting for equitable transport systems, better cycling infrastructure, and livable cities. Watch the trailer here.

Join us after the film for a discussion with local transportation experts. A reception will follow the panel upstairs at the Jane Peck Gallery.

The discussion will feature Veronica Vanterpool, executive director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, and Dan Welsh, co-chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee of Sustainable Westchester, with Laura Rossi, executive director of Westchester Community Foundation.

About the speakers

Veronica Vanterpool's background in environmental science and policy drew her to the environmental root of Tri-State Transportation Campaign's (TSTC) mission: reduce car dependency, and greenhouse gas emissions, by providing people with alternatives to driving. Her advocacy for sustainable transportation policy works towards communities that are designed to be walkable for people of all ages and abilities; public transportation that is affordable, reliable, and efficient; infrastructure that provides a safe streetscape for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers; and government policies that support these goals on the local, state, and federal levels. Since joining TSTC, Veronica has helped win millions in transit funding and encouraged the passage of legislation such as bus lane enforcement in New York City.

Dan Welsh is a long-time activist for environmental and social justice causes and the acknowledged motivating force behind the now universally endorsed “green” elements of town policy. He is a co-chair of the Land Use and Transportation Committee of Sustainable Westchester. As a member of the Lewisboro Town Board, Dan shepherded the first "Complete Streets" policy in Westchester to enactment, and followed that with a town-wide Bike & Pedestrian Plan.

Laura Rossi is the executive director of the Westchester Community Foundation, which works with generous donors to connect them to the causes they care about and strengthens communities in Westchester.

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