Foundation investing in workforce development

The Westchester Community Foundation is partnering with the City of White Plains, the White Plains Housing Authority, developer Jonathan Rose, JP Morgan Chase, and many others in the official opening of the White Plains Education & Training Center and The Prelude, the first phase of a revitalized public housing campus in the city.

A ribbon-cutting marked the opening of the complex.

Located in downtown White Plains, the Prelude is the first phase of a long-term transformation and comprehensive revitalization of the White Plains Housing Authority’s 450-unit public housing campus. The recently completed Phase One project includes 103 affordable housing units and the White Plains Education and Training Center, which provides comprehensive education and training to promote economic empowerment, self-sufficiency and financial independence for residents and the greater White Plains community. It is a model project for the redevelopment of a housing authority campus and represents an opportunity to realize a true mixed-use and mixed-income community, while at the same time building on White Plains' commitment to affordable housing.

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