A big thank you to Copland House

In 2016, The Foundation gave a grant to Copland House to support a young composer, Dan Schlosberg, in a fellowship at Peekskill High School. During the fellowship, Schlosberg produced a musical composition specifically for students at Peekskill HS to learn and rehearse, and they premiered it at a public concert in April. The composer wrote a letter to Michael Boriskin, executive director at Copland House, to thank him. Here's the letter:

The students in rehearsal. That's Dan in the cap at the piano.

With the World Premiere at Peekskill High School of my new piece Art Is now behind us, I wanted to send you a short note to thank you again for providing me with this amazing opportunity. It was a really terrific learning experience for me to be able to work closely throughout the whole process – and for most of the entire school year!– with experienced faculty, artists, and school administrators like Crystal, John, and Larry at PHS, as well as your whole team of incredible Mentor Artists at Copland House.

Having had the chance to work within this “public” environment – with nonprofessional kids representing the general community – was an unusual and valuable opportunity. We tend to be so insulated within our professional and academic worlds that it’s easy for the general public to fall off our radars. It was great that this project enabled me to make so many visits to Peekskill as I was developing and composing the new piece, so I could really get to know, and work with, the kids in the band and chorus. This kind of project is so important in carving out a place for creativity in the midst of the school day, and I’m very grateful to have been a part of this.


I’m especially glad that everyone liked Art Is so much that they’ve decided to schedule a second performance of it in May at the year-end spring concert. I can’t wait to hear it again, and am sure it’ll be even better the second time around! 


Thanks again for your support and best wishes, Daniel Schlosberg