How to Use Your Fund

How to Manage Your Fund

In addition to processing your grant suggestions on time, we can also work with you to tailor a grant program, check into a particular nonprofit, or fill you in on charitable needs and activities in the City. Below are tools to help you manage your fund. Many answers can be found in detail in our Frequently Asked Questions section as well.



Manage your fund with MyNYCT

Sign up for MyNYCT today. Contact Laura Rossi at (914) 948-5766 x3 and let her know you'd like to get started.

Log on to MyNYCT to submit a grant suggestion, check your fund balance, or find out the status of your grant suggestions.



Suggest a Grant

First, let us know which nonprofits you would like to support in one of the following ways:


  • Use our online service for donors, MyNYCT. If you want access to MyNYCT, please contact Maggie Murphy at 212-686-0010 x353.


  • Send them in writing, using our Grant Suggestion form, to the Westchester Community Foundation, 210 N. Central Avenue, Suite 310, Hartsdale, NY 10530. You may download a Grant Suggestion form or request one from us at: 914-948-5166.


Westchester Community Foundation then takes your suggestion and makes sure that the charities suggested are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt charities and that they meet our standards for responsible management and effective programs.


Then, if the organization passes muster, as most of them do, the grant is made in your fund's name, and you receive notification typically within one week.


In your grant suggestion, please include:


  • Name and address of the charity

  • Amount of the proposed grant ($250 or more)

  • Purpose of the grant (general support or a specific project)

  • Contact person at the charity (optional)



Add or Remove an Advisor
Add to Your Fund

For instructions on how to transfer assets and make deposits into your fund, please contact Donna Banks at (914) 948-5766 x4 or Laura Rossi at (914) 948-5166 x 3. You can also download instructions on donating securities here >>



Check Your Fund Statement

Fund Statements will be mailed to you every quarter, or you can see account information on MyNYCT.



MyNYCT makes it easy to suggest grants online, see your fund balance, and check on outgoing grants.



We are here to help. 

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Donna Banks

Director of Donor Relations and Communications

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