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  • Workforce Development and Job Placement

  • Access to Legal Services

  • Basic Human Needs and Self-Sufficiency

  • Youth Development

  • Arts & Culture

  • Social Justice

  • Conservation and the Environment

  • Technical Assistance

  • Health Disparities

  • Health-Care Systems

Through a fellowship grant to Clay Art Center, this young artist got the opportunity to spend a year developing her talents while building her career. Read her story.

Grant Program Details


We are committed to building promising futures for all ages by supporting workforce development and job placement; providing access to legal services for vulnerable populations; meeting basic human needs and supporting self-sufficiency; and supporting the development of resilient youth.



Workforce Development and Job Placement

Program goals: To increase opportunities for Westchester residents, including young people ages 16-24, to get the training they need to build careers that support themselves and their families, and to strengthen workforce development efforts which help Westchester businesses hire the talented workers they need to keep their business thriving.


We support programs that demonstrate a clear connection between the training and “in-demand” jobs. Preference will be given to programs leading to industry-recognized certification, and which include job placement and post-placement services.


We encourage:

  • community partnerships linking industry, training, and job-seekers;

  • career-exploration and technical-education programs that prepare youth for high-quality jobs that offer a path to a career;

  • programs that include internships and apprenticeships; and

  • programs designed to serve a particular constituency, including those with barriers to achieving successful employment.


Program officer: Tara Seeley


Access to Legal Services
Program goals: Programs that protect civil liberties and human rights through access to civil legal services.


Program officer: Tara Seeley



Basic Human Needs and Self-Sufficiency

Program goals: To address basic human needs including food and shelter, and to help Westchester residents achieve greater long-term economic stability and self-sufficiency.


Program officer: Tara Seeley



Youth Development

Program goal: To increase opportunities for youth, ages 8 to 24, to become resilient adults.


We support programs that use a Positive Youth Development framework to teach resilience and engage youth within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families. Preference will be given to programs that utilize an asset-based approach to enhance the skills, abilities, talents and resources of young people, and that incorporate youth voices in program design and/or implementation.


Priority areas: Leadership and self-determination; diversion from the criminal justice system; employer-driven workforce programs for youth.


Leadership and self-determination: We support comprehensive programs that engage youth over time to exercise leadership and responsibility through a range of experiences. Preference will be given to programs giving young people the chance to become their best self by developing self-esteem, goal-setting, communication, healthy behaviors, peer support, self-discipline, and commitment to community.

Program officer: Robin Melén


Diversion from the criminal justice system: We support programs that reduce youth involvement in the criminal- and juvenile-justice systems by providing critical social service supports including mental health services. Preference will be given to programs that use innovative strategies to steer youth away from suspension and incarceration.

Program officer: Robin Melén

Employer-driven workforce programs for youth: We support funding for programs that provide opportunities for workforce readiness. Programs should provide academic supports and/or career-exploration and technical education; be employer-driven and create career pathways, expand internships and apprenticeships; administer industry-recognized certifications; and provide post-placement services and support.

Program officer: Tara Seeley


We make grants to groups that increase access to the arts, foster social justice, and protect our environment. We also support efforts that strengthen nonprofit effectiveness.

Arts and Culture

Program goal: To broaden access to the arts for all and to provide professional development opportunities for Westchester artists from diverse backgrounds.


Priority areas: Fellowships and Germanic culture.

We provide funding support to:

  • Organizations that provide post-baccalaureate education and training fellowships to promising young, economically disadvantaged artists that will help them make the transition to professional careers. Preference will be given to those organizations that identify and recruit culturally diverse, disadvantaged young people from groups traditionally underrepresented in arts disciplines.  Recipients generally should be Westchester residents, age 30 or younger, with demonstrated financial need. 

  • Programs that bring to life the rich cultural history of Germany, including scholarships, research, and programs that promote Germanic arts, folklore, language, literature, and music. In an effort to be equitable and fair, all grants awards in this area this year will be the same amount. We have not yet determined the amount for 2021. 

Program officer: Robin Melén



Social Justice

Program goal: To support community-based efforts that create greater social, racial, economic, and political justice.

Priority areas: community organizing, civic engagement, public policy change.

We provide funding support to community-based efforts undertaken by marginalized and disenfranchised communities working toward long-term solutions transforming the systems and structures that perpetuate social, racial, economic, and political injustice. Those most affected by the injustice must have integral roles in project implementation, including identifying solutions, initiating action for change, and participating in ongoing evaluation of the efforts. Priority will be given to projects which demonstrate an ongoing commitment to leadership development.

Program officer: Tara Seeley



Conservation and the Environment

Program goal: To promote more environmentally sustainable, resilient, and just communities in Westchester.

Priority areas: Sustainability, resiliency, and healthier environment. 


We provide funding support to:

  • Programs that seek to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.

  • Projects that help communities, especially the disadvantaged, become more resilient to a changing climate through conservation and preservation of shorelines, reduction of stormwater run-off, and better planning for weather-related emergencies.

  • Projects that create healthier, more livable communities through prevention of air pollution, reduction of the risk of exposure to toxic substances, protection of drinking water quality, and preservation of open space.

  • Projects that preserve biological diversity through habit conservation and protection.


Program officer: Tara Seeley

Technical Assistance/Capacity building

The Foundation has created the Institute for Strong Nonprofits to support the capacity of nonprofits in Westchester. Through our convenings, workshops, and cohort programs, we provide opportunities for the sector to learn, connect, and grow.


The Foundation does not entertain requests for technical assistance funding for individual organizations.


Program officer: Robin Melén


The Foundation is not accepting Letters of Inquiry for this category. These are projects undertaken by the Foundation or at the invitation of the Foundation on issues of importance in Westchester.


The Foundation is not accepting Letters of Inquiry for this category. These are projects undertaken by the Foundation or at the invitation of the Foundation on issues of importance in Westchester.

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