NOTE: Grants will be paid directly to the Managed Service Providers for one year of service to awarded organizations.

Q: We have someone who provides IT support on occasion when we need help with a specific computer problem or have network/cloud issue. He comes to the office as-needed, so is not a regular contractor. We probably use him every other month in a busy year. He is not on payroll and is not a managed service provider under contract. Can we apply?

A. The current IT services arrangement you have described is not a contracted Managed Service Provider engagement, so yes, your organization is eligible to apply.

Q. Is the MSP someone we would choose or is there an MSP working with WCF and the grantees to be chosen?

A. Organizations chosen for this grant opportunity will not choose a Managed Service Provider. The Foundation has a list of vetted Managed Service Providers who have agreed to be part of this initiative, and organizations chosen for this grant opportunity will be matched with one of the five.

Q. Can the person who helps us on occasion be a part of the assessment? 

A. Organizations chosen to move forward will receive a comprehensive  technology assessment (hardware, software, security, staff training needs) by one of five vetted Managed Service Providers. Best practices of MSPs are to interview your “IT guy” to gain an understanding of your organization’s current technology resources and challenges.

Q: Can our organization apply for funds to cover technology costs we already incurred in response to COVID-19?

A: No. Grants will not cover expenses your organization already incurred.


Q: Our organization needs to purchase more technology (i.e. laptops) for a program we provide to the community. Can we apply for a grant under this program?

A. No. The grant is not intended to provide support for “stand alone” technology purchases, such as additional laptops.


Q. Are religious institutions eligible to apply?

A. Religious organizations with a non-sectarian program serving the wider community (for example, an after-school program, a day-care center) are eligible to apply. 

The grant review will focus on technology needs of only the community-serving program, not the technology needs for serving the spiritual mission of the religious organization (worship, religious education, etc.).

Q. Our organization received a Westchester Community Foundation COVID-19 grant earlier in the year including some support for technology. Does that make us ineligible to apply?

A. Your organization may apply. Earlier grants did not provide the comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity and staff training needs, or funding for a Managed Service Provider contract, as this opportunity does.

Q. What level of detail should our application provide? Do we need to provide a budget for the software we believe we need?

A. Applicants are not expected to create the budget. Applicants who are chosen to move forward will have an Information Technology  Managed Service Provider assess the organization’s hardware and software needs, and the grants budget will be built off of that assessment.


Q. If some of the software applications that are recommended for our organization have ongoing annual subscription costs, would the grant cover those?

A. This is a one year grant opportunity for a managed service provider. If there are ongoing service or software subscription costs, the nonprofit would be responsible for those costs after the grant period ends.

Q. Would laptops for our after-school program be eligible?

A. No, this program is intended to help organizations to stabilize and continue operating remotely.