Estate Planning

We can help you bring your clients’ philanthropic legacies to life.


Making a deferred gift or bequest in your estate plan is an easy way for you to make a significant impact on your community and create a legacy that lasts forever. You can use a variety of assets to make a planned gift and accomplish your charitable goals. We can help advise you on which assets may be most desirable for you to include in your deferred gifts.



Make a Deferred Gift or Bequest

If your client is interested in creating an unrestricted fund or field-of-interest fund in their will, we have provided some sample bequest language below.



However, we would be happy to speak with you to ensure that the language in your client’s will is correct for the kind of fund your client is interested in. Please contact our General Counsel Carrie Trowbridge at 212-686-2563 or [email protected]

3 Important Facts:

  • If a fund is established for a particular purpose, please contact us to review the language before the instrument is executed to ensure that we can meet the donor's purpose.


  • A co-trustee is not permitted under the "Resolution and Declaration of Trust Creating The New York Community Trust."


  • All our funds enjoy an important advantage: If a change of circumstances makes literal compliance with the terms of the gift instrument "unnecessary, undesirable, impractical, or impossible," our governing body is able to vary them. Donors are assured that their gifts will never become obsolete; they will remain useful to the community in perpetuity.





Questions about planned gifts or bequests?


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