Donor spotlight: A family legacy of giving

Faye Kimerling of Ardsley-on-Hudson grew up in a family that strongly believed in the Jewish tradition of tzedakah, which says that giving is more than just charity. Giving is an obligation because it is the just and righteous thing to do. Supporting the work of nonprofits in the community was important to the family, she says.


“I wanted to transmit this spirit on to my children and grandchildren, and set an example for them through my own actions.”


Faye took this purpose to heart when she was introduced to the Westchester Community Foundation in 2000. She opened a donor-advised fund so she could provide financial resources to the agencies that support adult career mobility through programs, internships or skills training.


But as it will happen, her busy life as a career counselor and mother took over, and her fund went dormant. In spring of 2016, Jennifer Hu Corriggio reached out to Faye to check in, to see how the

Foundation could help her connect to the needs in Westchester and help her fill her charitable intent, or tzedakah.


“I had a very productive meeting with Jennifer and Laura (Rossi) about my expectations with the fund, needs that had been identified in career development, and needs of the Westchester population. They provided me with several options to choose from, and after I made the

decision on which agencies to support, I received updates on how my gift was being used.” Faye was delighted with the expert guidance offered her.


“The Westchester Community Foundation really helped me a lot. They were the experts on where the funds could best be used.” However, such gifts and matches cannot occur without the philanthropic intent and desire that starts with donors such as Faye. “I am hoping that my experience with the Westchester Community Foundation can open doors for others too.”

We are honored to be a part of sending Faye’s blessing out in the world.

Need some advice? Contact Director of Philanthropy Jennifer Hu Corriggio at 914-948-5166, ext. 4.