Foundation staff, from left to right: Laura Rossi, executive director; Connie DeSimini, grants administrator and office manager; Robin Melén, program officer; Tara Seeley, program officer; and Jennifer Hu Corriggio, director of philanthropy and donor relations.

A day of service—and fun—for the Westchester Community Foundation

The staff of the Westchester Community Foundation in Hartsdale spent the morning of Monday, June 27, cleaning out a storage shed at the Humane Society of Westchester in New Rochelle. Dozens of old, rusty crates, broken bird and small animal cages, and pieces of unusable old furniture were discarded for scrap and disposal, and all of the usable items were put back and organized.

“We are so pleased to have been able to do this task for the staff at the Humane Society, so that they can continue to do their good work," said Laura Rossi, executive director of the Foundation. "We want to contribute to the Westchester community as more than just funders of local programs. We’re happy to add a little hard work!”

The day was organized through Volunteer New York! Go to the Volunteer New York! website to find hundreds of opportunities to give back to your community!